To sue, or not to sue?

We’ve danced around the issue of whether you should sue, and how quickly you have to decide. But we really have avoided the underlying issue: suing responsibly in what is often regarded as an overly litigious society. When we’re faced with cases like the Washingtonian who sued for $64 million over his pants, which were lost by the dry-cleaners, it’s easy to see why society is all up in arms about changing the way lawsuits and damage awards work.

But lawsuits, jury verdicts, huge damage awards–these aren’t bad things. They are just processes, which are subject to abuse by folks looking to make trouble.

Fundamentally, civil suits are about righting wrongs, leveling the playing field, and making sure the world is better for those who come after you. If that’s your goal, and not just a desire to grind someone into the dirt, you may be on the right track with a lawsuit.

If you’re still unsure whether a lawsuit is for you, think about mediation. Some folks mediate for a fee, and other places have volunteer mediators who will help you for little or nothing.

Remember folks, at the end of the day there’s no substitute for having a lawyer of your own. And as always, our blog postings are not legal advice, nor do they constitute an attorney-client relationship!

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