Mosser Law at the Texas Supreme Court

It was a great day to be a lawyer at Mosser Law on January 19.  Alexis Steinberg, Mosser Law’s newest associate, argued in front of the Texas Supreme Court on crucial issues of takings jurisprudence.

The Court was considering the issues encapsulated by VSC LLC v. City of Dallas, which include whether it is appropriate for the City of Dallas, pursuant to its police power, to seize vehicles that are lawfully towed and stored, if those vehicles are later alleged to be stolen, and to subsequently deny that the towing and storage companies are due any compensation.

Although several other issues were raised by the petition of the City of Dallas, the Court focused it’s questions narrowly on the takings question, despite attempts by counsel to raise some of the other issues.

Oral argument in this case can be viewed, but a special player must be downloaded.

This case was also noted in the news.

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